Purchase of services of Researcher

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) plans to continue its efforts in empowering ‎Syrian civil society, Increasing the visibility and improving the capacity of Syrian CSOs’ social and political efforts ‎among local and international stakeholders through establishing an “observatory” to measures the changing space of ‎Syrian civil society in different geographical areas inside Syria and out of it. ‎

The observatory is established as a component of SCM’s Citizenship and Civil Society program, to follow up and document violations against Syrian civil society organizations in all ‎Syrian regions, in neighboring countries, and the diaspora. The Observatory documents any violation, ‎repression, or harassment by local authorities against the work of civil society actors, whether at the level of ‎institutions/organizations or individuals, to which they are exposed because of their activities within these ‎organizations. ‎

SCM is looking for a “Researcher” to conduct a research and write a report based on collected data, and according to the technical requirements and the following principles:

  • Provide a Research Methodology.
  • Prepare and develop data collection tools.
  • Disseminate the data collection tools, and securely store the results.
  • ‎Analyze collected data and categorize it based on the incident type, the location, the civil actor ‎, and the entity who conducted the incident/violation.‎
  • ‎Analyze any patterns, frequency, and reasons for the changes of the workspace of civil society, and ‎the impact of ‎these violations.‎
  • ‎Produce a report that focuses on Syrian CSOs” ‎performance and changing of the workspace of the civil ‎society.‎
  • ‎The research should be in one of the following languages: Arabic- English.‎
  • ‎The researcher will submit a first draft of the research by 15th March 2022‎‏.‏
  • ‎After incorporating edits by the SCM team and feedback from the stakeholders. The researcher will ‎submit a final draft by 31th March 2022. ‎
  • ‎Review the translated copy of the research.‏
  • ‎Participate in a launching event ‏‎(‎webinar‎)‎‏.‏

Required documents:

  • Proof of work in similar projects that includes:
    • Excellent academic qualifications, at least including a Master degree or higher in relevant discipline (preferably in Law or political sciences)
    • Demonstrable experience in developing similar researches for the political sector (at least five-years)
    • Experience and understanding of the Syrian context and issues faced by stakeholders in Syria.
    • Demonstrable extensive experience in research, research methods, 
    • Excellent analytical skills – research question design, familiarity with research methods (and their appropriate usage), report writing.
    • At least 2 References from previous projects.
  • Financial offer including:
    • Fees per day (total is about 10 working days).
    • The validity of the offer (duration- date)

Location of Work:

  •    Online

Evaluation criteria

  • (70%) – Tenderer’s experience with the topic‏ ‏and the capacity for similar searches
  • (30%). Financial offer 

Tender procedure:

  • For interested service providers, please send in your offer and professional portfolio in addition to a cost sheet, tenders shall be submitted by email only (with attachments) to the email address in the table below, with the following reference in the subject: Researcher-CSG.
  • Tenders addressed to another email address or without attachments will be rejected, as we encourage you to send us your questions for any clarifications before submitting your proposed cost sheet.  
  • Only the selected party will be notified within two weeks of the deadline below.

Deadline for submission of tenders/offers 13 Feb, 2022 at 17:00 (Paris time)
Email for submission of tenders/offers [email protected] 
Email for questions [email protected] \ CC:  [email protected]
Contract duration Until complete execution of the obligations of the parties
Expected starting date of execution 15 February 2022