Hate and Violence Speech Observatory

Since 2011, the use of hate speech, incitement to violence and terrorism, sectarian incitement and discrimination against women and marginalized groups has increased alarmingly in Syrian media. The bloody conflict in Syria have created a general climate conducive to discord and hatred among the components of the Syrian people. Calls for revenge has replaced political debate and discussion of ideological differences, causing concepts such as reconciliation and forgiveness to be left behind. New sectarian and religiously-linked vocabulary and terminology full of incitement to hatred, murder and destruction have emerged. Media outlets from all sides have played a role in this.

In 2017, we aim to reduce the destructive impact of hate speech and incitement to violence in Syrian media on Syrian society.

We are assessing, through media monitoring, the extent of the use of hate speech in Syrian media. We are raising awareness in the Syrian media community of the causes, consequences, and ways to deal with the issue.

In the longer-term, the Hate Speech Observatory will combat the use of hate speech in areas beyond the media such as in political and religious discourse.