Fears over the Deteriorating Health Condition of Detained Syrian Blogger Hussein Ghrer

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression expresses concern over Syrian blogger Hussein Ghrer’s disappearance, given that all communication with him has been cut off since the evening of Monday 24/10/2011. No information about him has come to light since that time.

The Center notes that the detained blogger suffers from hypertensive vascular disease and cardiac mitral valve prolapse. For that reason, the Center fears his health is deteriorating, a factor that may pose a direct threat to his life in case he is not taking his medications on a regular basis.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression considers the disappearance of blogger Hussein Ghrer a clear case of enforced disappearance, a systematic practice by the Syrian security services under the state of emergency declared in the country since 1963, despite a formal end to the law under the legislative Decree No. 161 dated 04/21/2011.

Syrian blogger Hussein Ghrer, born 04/11/1979, is a computer engineering graduate and works as a programmer.  He is a married father of two children who blogs at www.ghrer.net. Many of his blog entries and articles are on freedom issues and Syrian or Arab public affairs.  Below are some examples, all in Arabic:

1. Between the National Dialogue in Syria and the Detention of Blogger Anas Maarawi.

2. Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, history and citizenship after 2011

3. Vote against the Violence, and for Citizenship

4. Towards a culture of law: Legislative Decree No. 37 related to crimes of honor, a step forward, but?

5. Towards a culture of law: the Constitution (1)

6. Towards a legal culture: the new labor law -workers Union Shows Concerns but the Ministry Appeals

Syrian blogger Hussein Ghrer was one of the first to blog in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples against Israel’s wars. He also participated in the “Syrian bloggers for the occupied Golan” campaign.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression demands the Syrian authorities to disclose the fate of the Syrian blogger Hussein Greer and release him immediately, or to submit him to a public court that meets the conditions of a fair trial, if a legal justification is available.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression considers Ghrer’s forced isolation from the outside world and the concealment of his fate and whereabouts which prevent him from accessing necessary medical, humanitarian, and legal assistance to be a clear violation of the Syrian Constitution and the International Declaration that both guarantee protection to all persons from enforced disappearance. Such systematic policies committed by Syrian authorizes contradicts its obligations towards the state of human rights and the treaties it has signed and ratified.