Volunteering opportunity – Documentation of Violations against Refugees Dep

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC)

Documentation of Violations against Refugees Dep.

Period of announcement: from 3 to 15 Feb

Period of contact: 6 months, starting from the 1st of March 2020

Place of residence: Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq (Kurdistan)

Number of vacancies: 8      (2 in Turkey, 2 in Lebanon, 1 in Jordan and 1 in Iraq)


Required qualifications:

  • Previous experience in humanitarian field
  • adequate knowledge of International humanitarian laws, Human Rights laws, international agreements and conventions related to refugees and terminology related to the Syrian context, which enables the volunteer to perform his/ her duties in the best way possible
  • Excellent command of Arabic
  • Good command of English that enables the volunteer to translate Arabic-English (non-specialized) documents when required
  • Adequate command of Turkish (for volunteers in Turkey) is a plus
  • Adequate command of Kurdish (for volunteers in Iraq) is a plus
  • A spirit of initiative and the ability to find solutions for the difficulties that are faced during the work
  • teamwork spirit and respect the work rules, ethics and environment


Work requirements:

  • The ability to monitor violations in the country of residence (The countries mentioned above)
  • The ability to search online open sources and / or other available sources of information
  • Excellent computer and organizing skills.
  • An eye for detail
  • Knowledge of e-correspondence
  • The ability to work 12 hours a week.


Sending applications:

  • Cvs must be sent in PDF form via email to ([email protected])
  • The CV should include the applicant’s contact information (phone number, email address)
  • The CV should include the name of the applicant and the country of residence at the heading of the application as follows:

The applicant’s full name/ Country of residence

  • The email subject should be as follows:

Volunteer application for Refugees dep./ country of residence