Vacancy: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning “MEAL” Manager

Vacancy details:

Job title: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning “MEAL” Manager

Program/ Project/ Department: SCM Management – Head of MEAL Unit

Positions available: 1 vacancy.

Duration of the contract: 1 year (including 2 month probation period)

Application deadline: 17 March 2024

Work Station: Remote

Roles and Responsibilities:


The MEAL Manager is a mid-senior management team member; s/he reports directly to the Programs Development and Fundraising Manager. This position mainly involves contributing to the development of the MEAL strategy of the

SCM, designing and updating the SOPs and other MEAL tools, establishing an

organizational knowledge and learning system, supervising and leading the MEAL team, coaching SCM other teams (i.e., programs team) on MEAL processes, procedures, and tools, as well as contributing to the development, review and submission of grants’ reporting. This position requires advanced knowledge of data collection and analysis methods, MEALs

SOPs and tools, discipline and clearance on MEAL processes, flexibility to train other teams, and creativity to establish knowledge and learning systems, alongside an in-depth understanding of SCM’s vision/programs, and excellent management and leadership skills.

Main Responsibilities:

The day-to-day tasks of the MEAL Manager include but are not limited to the following:


  • Develop and update the MEAL unit SOPs, deliver training and coaching to SCM teams during the first phase of the implementation of the SOPs;
  • Ensure that comprehensive MEAL practices are incorporated in each phase of the program/project cycle;
  • Observe, identify and duly communicate the worrying positions, underperformances, monitoring vulnerabilities and blindspots with the relevant focal persons and suggest performance rectification measures;
  • Support the development of MEAL templates and tools for analysis and reporting;
  • Lead on the design/review of the new grants opportunities log frames and projects’ MEAL plans and facilitate MEAL input for the kick-off meetings following grants approval;
  • Contribute to the preparation of data collection methods and methodologies, timelines, and tools;
  • Ensure that MEAL data is collected, used, and stored in adherence to data protection protocols and ethical considerations;
  • Contribute to MEAL strategy development through active participation in MEAL planning and development.


  • Produce analytical summaries using charts, graphs, tables, and narratives to fulfill internal and external reporting requirements;
  • Support on writing the MEAL section updates in monthly/quarterly donor reports;
  • Report on selected indicators analysis periodically;
  • Accurately archive MEAL data/analysis and activity reports in an organized manner within the department’s shared archiving/filing system;
  • Frequently (and/or upon request) deliver snapshots and data briefs to communication and fundraising teams to facilitate the internal and external communication and information flow processes.


  • Assist the MEAL officer(s) in conducting internal evaluations as requested;
  • Work closely with external evaluation consultants to ensure that evaluation prerequisites are available and accessible.


  • Establish internal and external “Feedback and Complaints Policy”;
  • Design and maintain the stakeholder integration and inclusion mechanisms;
  • Through the monitoring activities, ensure feedback is addressed on time;
  • When necessary, provide support to the MEAL officer (s) to conduct FGDs and KIIs to collect in-depth feedback;
  • Ensure that feedback channels are functional and accessible, gender-age appropriate and that those feedback providers receive timely responses;
  • Lead on the execution of and reporting the internal incidents investigations.


  • Ensure all programs are capturing lessons learned and best practices and are being incorporated in program design and development;
  • Maintain and appropriately share the conservation and ongoing update of the organizational archive and memory, as well as keep master data sources and databases safeguarded from possible data losses or breaches;
  • Lead the production of relevant organizational intellectual productions, such as best practices and guidelines, and research summaries, and contribute to the development of training materials;
  • Systematically and regularly facilitate learning sessions with programs and MEAL teams by presenting the results of assessments, surveys, and evaluations and jointly formulating recommendations;
  • Facilitate reflection sessions across all programs and promote a culture of self-learning and efficient planning;
  • Make sure that MEAL findings and analysis are shared and accessible to the whole organization;
  • Brainstorm and intervene in the events in which informative learning opportunities are potential and disseminate the findings among relevant team members.


  • In collaboration with the HR department, participate in the recruitment process(es) of staff under his/her line management and support the MEAL Coordinator in: drafting job descriptions/technical tests/interview forms, shortlisting resumes, and conducting interviews;
  • Brief newly recruited personnel under his/her management on their roles and responsibilities;
  • Monitor and provide objective feedback related to the performance of the staff under his/her supervision (including staff performance reviews);
  • Provide technical support and guidance to the MEAL Officer(s) under his/her direct management;
  • Ensure good communication, coordination, and information level of each member of the MEAL team;
  • Promote self-learning through sharing relevant MEAL staff documents;
  • Identify capacity gaps and schedule relevant capacity development events for MEAL staff as well as the programs team;
  • Conduct coaching and on-the-job training sessions for the MEAL and programs’ staff to improve the MEAL culture and day-to-day technical skills.

Requirement, Skills, and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field (Development or Social Studies).
  • At least 5 years of experience (with at least 2 years in MEAL management role).
  • Demonstrated experience in program design monitoring and evaluation or management.
  • Must have adequate knowledge and experience with both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analysis.
  • Previous experience with major donor’s proposal M&E requirements (USAID, OFDA, EC, UN agencies preferred).
  • Capacity building experience in project monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.
  • Computer knowledge including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (additional experience with data analysis software is preferred).
  • Strong skills in written and spoken English; Knowledge of the Arabic/Kurdish language is preferred.

How to apply:

  • The CV must include contact information (telephone number, mail address), previous experiences with professional references, academic qualifications
  • The CV must be in PDF format with the full name of the applicant in the title.
  • Applications should be sent via email to: [email protected] with the name of the vacancy in the email subject.
  • Any applications received after the deadline will be rejected.
  • CVs will be reviewed after the deadline of submission, and only shortlisted will be called for interviews. We apologize for not sending replies to all.