The Systemic Pillaging by the Government Forces / The Northern Countryside as the Most Recent Victim

The Syrian government forces and the allied forces led by Russia have taken control of large areas in northern Syria, including regions in the Idlib governorate, the western countryside of Aleppo and the northern countryside of Hama. This was the result of military operations launched in February 2019 which have been accompanied by intense bombardment targeting civilian objects and health facilities, prompting hundreds of thousands of civilians to leave their homes and flee to safer areas on the Turkish border. In the meantime, government forces began to plunder houses, shops and agricultural crops. The plundering had a clear impact on preventing the displaced from returning to their homes, which became uninhabitable as their contents were looted and sold at low prices in the stolen goods markets. This also had a huge impact on the national economy, as the markets for selling stolen goods at low prices became active. In contrast, the markets for new goods were witnessing a recession due to the economic crisis in the country

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