The Journalist House in a Storm of Conflict; Research paper on Implementing more Sustainable and Protection Strategies

This report addresses the work of the SCM Journalist House project that supported Syrian media professionals and human rights advocates over the last four years (2017-2020).

The report classifies the support applications received by the SCM into nine categories. In each category, there are details about the number of applications received inside and outside Syria, the number of supported applications and their types and percentages by category and gender. The report also reviews the beneficiaries’ feedback on the provided support including their priorities reflected in the figures and data analysis. It also identifies the reasons behind weak support and makes recommendations to improve it and enhance its sustainability.

The report adopted the quantitative, statistical and descriptive approach by analyzing the data of the «support application forms» received by the SCM between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2020. The numbers of all (accepted, rejected and supported) applications were extracted from the SPD and classified under nine categories.

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