Terms of Reference – Legal Expert (VGs/EU)

Following 12 years of conflict in Syria, the status quo regarding arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture remains unresolved. International and local Syrian human rights organizations and civil society actors have documented over 100,000 cases while ICRC received over 13,000 reports of missing persons in Syria.

Syrian victim groups (VGs) had organized themselves locally inside Syria or in the diaspora to lead the advocacy process.

Therefore, under the project “Supporting Syrian VGs”, funded by the European Union, SCM is looking to support VGs’ international advocacy effort by hiring a “Legal Expert” who will lead the activity based on the following:

Planning and materials design:

Develop a concrete agenda for the six (6) meetings which shall take place between 10th of December and the 1st of April as the following (Modifiable) :

  • Introductory meeting followed by the development of the work plan (December)
  • Four (4) online workshops,  each of one full day, scheduled between December and March – exact dates to be determined during the inception phase.
  • One (1) closing workshop to take place in Paris, France in March to finalize and validate the policy paper (the final deliverable) 

In addition to the agenda, the proposed discussion curriculum shall reflect clearly on the topics which will be tackled at each session and the overall relevance to the final outcome.

The agenda must be developed in an inclusive manner to ensure it reflects on the complexity of the Syrian context including aspects related to gender sensitivity. 


  • Coordination with the VGs should be inclusive and persistent throughout the exercise period. 
  • VGs insights should be incorporated in the preparation phase, during the workshop facilitation, and ultimately at the policy paper production phase. 


Throughout the course of the activity, the legal expert shall lead the discussion among the participants to ensure all views are well integrated into the final paper and debates are well managed. 


Policy paper:

Consolidated recommendations reflecting all of the contributions from the sessions, inclusive of all the participants’ perspectives and gender sensitivity must be respected. 

The policy paper should be efficiently presented on high-level advocacy platforms concerning Syria such as (Not limited to): The Human Rights Council, UN General Assembly, Brussels Conference for donors, and the newly established independent institution on the missing in the Syria Arab Republic. Etc…. to ensure that the survivors and the victims’ families are at the center of the Syrian political process concerning any transition.

Activity report:

The report should include the curriculum used, discussion points taken during the sessions, participants list, and recommendations for future engagement with similar audiences.


  • Academic background in international law with a specialization in transitional justice. Experience relevant to social cohesion is a plus
  • Proven experience in facilitating similar activities.
  • A sample of past issued papers – preferably in both Arabic and English
  • Concrete understanding of the Syrian context and strong engagement with Syrian stakeholders including Syrian human rights defenders, activists, and civil society actors.
  • Fluency in both Arabic and English is a must.

Tender procedure:

For interested candidates, please send in your offer and professional portfolio in addition to a cost sheet. Tenders shall be submitted by email only (with attachments) to the email address in the table below, with the following reference in the subject: Legal Expert – VGs/EU project. Tenders addressed to another email address or without attachments will be rejected.                                                                        

We encourage you to send us your questions for any clarifications before submitting your proposed cost sheet. 

Only the selected party will be notified within two weeks of the deadline below.

Deadline for submission of tenders/offers30th of  November 2023 at 17:00 (Paris time)
Email for submission of tenders/offers[email protected]
Email for questions[email protected] \ CC:  [email protected]
Contract duration10 December 2023 – 1 May 2024
Expected starting date of execution10 December 2023