TDA Update On The Truce In Syria: Report By The Day After Activists Inside Syria

Battles have calmed, the sounds of warplanes, missiles, barrels, and mortars have subsided across most parts of Syria. Syrians have started enjoying the unfamiliar silence, albeit warily. This is a result of the ceasefire, but doubt is casted on its ability to last as violations are documented on a daily basis. Here’s how it is holding up so far.

This report serves as a situation update to gauge people’s sentiments on the ground and is not a technical monitoring of ceasefire violations. TDA also recognizes that there has not been any clear mechanisms from the UN to monitor the truce or “cessation of hostilities” which leaves it vulnerable to breaches from all sides and many of the opposition claim that the regime is taking advantage of the absence of such mechanisms to consolidate their positions in preparation for future advancement.

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