Syrian journalists and activists maltreated by extremist Islamic groups in Syria

SCM- 11 – July 2013 – the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression strongly condemns the  arbitrary arrest that is carried out by several entities, such as some Sharia Boards and members of the “the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham” in some areas that lost  the control of the Syrian regime, or in the military disputed areas such as Aleppo and its countryside, since the rate of violations against human and civil rights of civilians and arbitrary arrests of journalists and peaceful activists has risen significantly andin a serious pace during the last period.

Members of the ” the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham” in the city of Raqqa arrested mediaactivist, “Mohamed NourMatar–20 years” on July 9th, 2013in front of the state building “Governorate formerly,” after few moments of standing with a woman who tried to sit in next to the building.

On July 10th , 2013members of the “Islamic State of Iraq and Sham” in the Shariah Board in Aleppo arrested a photographer who works for a Facebook page called ” Young HalabiLens” whose team  issued a statement demanding the release of their colleague and the peaceful media activist “Zaid Mohammed,who called for  a secular democratic state in front of the members, who considered him an apostate from Islam according to the team statement and gave him – according to Sharia – three days to repent and abandon his demand.

Through the statement, activists asked the Shariah Board “the release of our colleague Zaid immediately, and to stop arbitrary arrests because of the difference opinion what repeated the regime’s crimes and the cellars of the security departments, and inevitably we reject any arrest on the basis of opinion and thought..Freedom to ZaidMohamed ..and all prisoners of conscience in Syria . “

In a severe violation against all humanity that took place on June 10th, 2013, members of the Shariah Board in Aleppo affiliated to”the Islamicstate of Iraq and Sham ” summary executedin public,the child, “Mohammed Katta – 15 years” under the pretext of saying: “even if Muhammad came down I will not lend ” which is an expression of rejection of lending a cup of coffee or tea, and after he waswhipped and taken to the public square in which he used to sell tea and coffee,in front of people he said it again “even if  Muhammad came down I will not lend ” so one of member of “the Islamic state of Iraq and Sham ” shot him twice dead. Seven words and a legitimate idea caused the grave violationtothe child’s dignity and his constitutional right to freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, and most importantly the fundamental right to life in accordance with all laws and constitutional bodies.

We, the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression call on all the members of Sharia Boards and “the IslamicState of Iraq and Sham “members to release all journalists and prisoners of conscience languishing in prisons under their control and to stop such grave violations against humanity,and we hold them full responsible to secure the lives of the detainees and physical and mental health.

Confirming that the revolutionary movement which started in Syria, calling for freedom and dignity and the rule of citizenship which guarantee respect for the rights of all citizens, will not accept to stand silently in front of any practicesagainst the dignity of the Syrian citizensor detract their rights spearheaded by the right to a decent life, fairpublic trial, and respect for freedom of opinion and expression. We emphasize our call to those groups and members to adhere to respect of the principles of international humanitarian law and international laws, including the establishment of the state of law that ensures what all Syrians are aspiring to.

SCM says No togagging policy under whatever pretext and to whoever practicing intellectual repression, terrorizing and torture due to the difference in opinion or belief.