Syrian Journalist and Blogger Mohammad Ghazi Kannass Disappears in Damascus

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression has learned that the Syrian blogger and journalist Mohammed Ghazi Kannass had been kidnapped in front of his house in the neighborhood of Kafar Souseh in the Damascus on 3/1/2012 and no information about him has come to light ever since.

Born in the Sraceb in Idleb province in 1986, Kannass is a graduate of Media Department at the University of Damascus, he was continuing his postgraduate studies in the same school.

He published with a number of articles at local magazines and websites such SyriaNews and SyriaNobels websides along with Al-Massira magazine, he also owns a blog entitled "Human’s Word" ( but has stopped updating it recently over the recent events in Syria as he explains on his blog:

My friends … my blog "Human’s Word" shall no longer be updated and the reason is the current events in Syria the consequences it entails online, I hope a stable future for Syria and secure life for its citizens.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression in Syria condemns security forces’ harassment against journalists and bloggers in Syria which constitutes as an illegal act given that it’s the legal right for citizens to express their opinions guarenteed by the Syrian constitution. SCM calls upon authorities to disclose the fate of the journalist and blogger Mohamed Ghazi Kannaas and release him immediately or refer him to court to be tried in public before the law, if there was a legal justification for it.