Syrian Blogger and Activist Qais Abazly Freed

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression has learned today that Syrian blogger and activist Qais Abazly was released, sources close to the blogger confirmed that he’s in good health, after receiving troubling reports that he was severely beaten at the time of his detention 18/11/2011 in Jisr El-Shughur after taking part in a protest in the city.

Qais Rashid Abazli was born in Jisr El-Shughur in 1978, he’s a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Aleppo and works as a director of the Center for Computer Technology.

Abazli was first arrested in Jisr El-Shughur on 9/6/2011 and was released on 29/6/2011 to be arrested for the second time on Sunday morning on 25/09/2011 from his workplace at an industrial bank in the same city by the Political Security in Idleb over attending a conference organized by the Syrian National Coordination held at Damascus Suburbs, he was released on 5/10/2011.

SCM congratulates the Syrian blogger and activist Qais Abazly on his freedom and calls upon the Syrian authorities to release all detainees and stresses again that it is the legal and constitutional duties of the State to protect and guarantee the rights of freedom of expression and speech according to the international human rights treaties signed by the Syrian government.