SKeyes: Journalists suffer from restrictions in Lebanon

 A Lebanese journalist said on Thursday that “recently, Lebanese journalists have been suffering from restrictions in the area of Bourj Hammoud near Beirut and the North region of Wadi Khaled, which is stopping them from carrying out their professional duties.”

Omar Harkous told Samir Kassir Eyes Foundation (SKeyes) that “unless a journalist gets prior permission from the Lebanese army, he is not allowed to enter the region of Wadi Khaled and take photos.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said on Friday that there are Currently 3,505 Syrian refugees in the North and Akkar, residing mostly with host families in difficult circumstances registered with the organization and the High Relief Commission (HRC).

Thousands of Syrians have fled violence in their country to Lebanon, while the Syrian army has made a number of armed incursions into Lebanese territory starting in October.

He also said that some reporters and journalists have complained from the same restriction measures in the region of Bourj Hammoud.

“Every person holding a camera is prevented by the municipality’s police from taking pictures, under the pretext that prior permission is needed from the municipality of Bourj Hammoud,” he added.