Purchase of services of Researcher

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) plans to continue its efforts in empowering Syrian civil society by establishing a “Transitional Justice Forum” that will bring together stakeholders from Syrian human rights organizations, victims’ groups, members of the Constitutional Committee, and representatives of Syrian civil society from different regions Inside and outside Syria for dialogue on issues related to transitional justice, enforced disappearances, and strategic litigation efforts within the framework of universal.

The forum includes conducting 4 webinars/discussion sessions, to open dialogue among relevant Syrian stakeholders, the topics will address different aspects of “practical transitional justice,” and provide tools and places through which Syrians can seek justice for victims and their families, based on the results of the center’s efforts in Strategic litigation and documentation of violations. The webinars will include selected speakers and experts (Syrian or international experts) and will provide insights and examples from around the world to raise participants’ awareness and uncover current pathways to justice.

The technical papers alongside the recommendations of participants will be shared with a researcher who will work on combining the results of the discussed and amended working papers and recommendations into one guideline of best practices, the booklet will be disseminated to participants and other stakeholders, to be used as a reference for HROs and CSOs working on the transitional justice track in Syria.

SCM is looking for a “Researcher” based on the attached technical requirements and the following principles:

  • Integrating the results of the discussed and modified working papers with the recommendations and draft a research paper (guide) on transitional justice and constitutional reform in Syria:

    • The Guide should analyze how a transitional justice process can help establish the truth and accountability about past and ongoing serious human rights violations in Syria
    • The guide should analyze how the stakeholders can lay the foundations for such a process, including through the establishment of a Truth Commission) or a similar mechanism).
    • Develop the final copy of the guide to be a reference for human rights officials and civil society organizations and the other stakeholders related or working on the transitional justice process in Syria
  • The researcher will submit a first draft of the paper by 03th Jan 2022.
  • After incorporating edits by SCM staff and feedback from the stakeholders. The researcher will submit a final draft by 17th Jan 2022.
  • Provide expert legal advice on transitional justice and human rights law and rule of law issues to help SCM for establishing a sustainable mechanism to ‎foster continuous discussions among relevant stakeholders on the transitional justice track in ‎Syria, to have a common understanding ‎and work plans to advance the efforts toward meaningful transitional justice

Required documents:

  • Proof of work in similar projects that includes:

    • Excellent academic qualifications, at least including a Master degree or higher in relevant discipline (preferably in Law or political sciences)
    • Demonstrable experience in developing similar researches for the political sector (at least five-years)
    • Experience and understanding of the Syrian context and issues faced by stakeholders in Syria.
    • Familiarity with transitional justice processes, strategic litigation, and documentation of ‎‎
    • Demonstrable extensive experience in research, research methods,
    • Excellent analytical skills – research question design, familiarity with research methods (and their appropriate usage), report writing.
    • At least 2 References from previous projects.
  • Financial offer including:

    • Fees per day (total is about 10 working days).
    • The validity of the offer (duration- date)

Location of Work:

  • Online

Evaluation criteria

  • (70%) – Tenderer’s experience with the topic‏ ‏and the capacity for similar searches
  • (30%). Financial offer

Tender procedure:

  • For interested service providers, please send in your offer and professional portfolio in addition to a cost sheet, tenders shall be submitted by email only (with attachments) to the email address in the table below, with the following reference in the subject: Researcher.
  • Tenders addressed to another email address or without attachments will be rejected, as we encourage you to send us your questions for any clarifications before submitting your proposed cost sheet.
  • Only the selected party will be notified within two weeks of the deadline below.

Deadline for submission of tenders/offers 02 December, 2021 at 17:00 (Paris time)
Email for submission of tenders/offers [email protected]
Email for questions [email protected] \ CC:  Marwan.h @scm.ngo
Contract duration Until complete execution of the obligations of the parties
Expected starting date of execution 10 December 2021