Project supervisor

Essential responsibilities for the desired position

1. To assist in development of short- and long-term plans for the program and its activities, including participation in project preparation and funding requests, monitoring of its evaluation, ensuring its commitment and evaluating its performance
2. Coordinating the performance of staff and implementing activities of the program in accordance with the specific plans and instructions of the manager
3. Drafting internal and external reports in Both Arabic and English as needed in accordance with criteria adopted at the Center and from Donors.
4. Preparing summaries of various activities, including conferences and meetings, ensuring that they are saved and consistent with general plans and content of program’s work, and coordinate with other programs and departments as needed as guidance by direct manager
5. Documenting and saving relevant information, documents and data in accordance with the specific needs of the program and in accordance with digital security policies and institutional at the organization.
6. Facilitate, organize and/or hold meetings/activities periodically with specific individuals and entities to support and develop positive relationships.
7. Coordination with partners, media and other stakeholders to explain and promote the program and its activities under the guidance of direct manager and in harmony with Activities of the Center’s Advocacy and Media Department
8. Comply with professional standards enshrined in relevant regulations, protocols and laws.
9. Maintaining a safe working environment committed to safety procedures, rules, and regulation
10. Maintaining and protecting confidentiality and privacy of beneficiaries in any case and through all documents and data
11. Joint leadership of internal meetings and activities of program and drafting periodic reporting on them
12. Write and present monthly reports on the work function and the current situation
13. Any other tasks assigned by program manager
Women’s affairs and the litigation process – cases of sexual abuse

Required skills and qualifications

• University degree in international law, administration, public relations or any other relevant specialization.
• Fluent Arabic and English, and knowledge of French is a good addition.
• Two years of experience in administrative work related to human rights or international law and NGOs
• Capacity to dealing with basic computer and internet programs needed to work.
• Availability and ability to travel.
• Detailed knowledge of Syrian context, especially for the parties involved to the conflict
• The ability to work on a team
• Willingness and ability to work individually under pressure and in difficult and complex

Please send your CV to [email protected] before the 31/12/2019 and title your email with “project supervisor”