Project Coordinator

About SCM:

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit organisation registered in France in 2004, governed by a non-remunerated board. It has held a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) since 2011.

SCM’s vision is for a world based on freedom, justice, and equality that respects personal dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms.

Vacancy details:

Job title: Project Coordinator

Program/ Project/ Department: Programs Development & Fundraising Department

Positions available: 1 vacancy.

Duration of the contract: 12 months (extendable) interspersed with a 3-month trial period.

Application deadline: 17 June 2023.

Work Station: Remotely.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Planning & Organizing. Assisting the Project manager in the day-to-day running of the business. A Project Coordinator’s responsibility is, organizing, and executing all administrative tasks for a project, and ensuring that tasks are effectively implemented as scheduled.
  • Implementation. Coordinating with other departments or teams as required to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of all EU project deliverables. The Project Coordinator coordinates with other departments or teams to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to specification, and in full adherence to the contractual requirements and constraints.
  • Follow up. Reporting to the project manager on the progress and status of each project undertaken by all parties involved in the project. This includes meeting with key stakeholders, keeping them informed on progress. As well as working with a team to ensure quality reporting of project activities and achievements and document best practices and lessons learned in the course of implementation.
  • Reporting. Generating, receiving, documenting and compiling all relevant information, annexes, as well as means of verifications in relation to the project performance; and incorporating this content into structured reporting templates that rhyme with the donor requirements.
  • Recurrings and M&E. Coordinating project schedules, resources, equipment and information, and resources management such as time sheets, expense claims, etc. In addition to assigning tasks to internal teams and assisting with schedule management.The Project Coordinator will be primarily responsible with the MEAL team for ensuring the quality and preservation of paperwork, records and any other documents associated with the project and submitting them to the Project Manager upon request.
  • Procurement. Providing the procurement team with timely and detailed procurement plans rhyming with the implementation plans, and participating in the provision of relevant technical descriptions and assisting in the tender evaluation processes.
  • JD & ToR. Provide assistance – as required- on the development and modification of the job descriptions and technical terms of reference in accordance with the project and context requirements. This includes the project team members, external consultants, evaluators, and other relevant sorts of service providers.
  • Sub granting. Very close follow up on the development and monitor the execution of the sub-granting plans in coordination with the relevant team members, accompanied by the necessary contractual documents, and weekly reporting to the project manager. This will also include joint-planning, negotiation and follow up with at least 4 subgrantees over.
  • Technical Input. Working with the team on the relevant and necessary input to the required financial processes (such as budget and reporting narrative, requests and explanations on modifications, etc.), reporting and coordinating in this regard with the project manager.
  • Values. Mainstream the principles of good governance, accountability, transparency, integrity, inclusion, human rights, and justice among all entities and individuals involved in the project implementation, with a particular focus on the enrolled victim groups and families and the project team members.
  • Contingency. Pay a detailed attention to possible events and occurrences that might request the team to develop unanticipated emergency and contingency plans in close coordination with the SCM’s Programs Manager.
  • Collaboration. Ensure that the appropriate collaboration among the project team, other SCM departments, and external stakeholders is in place in an adequate and professional manner. Following the changes and updates in context of the project implementation and to analyze risks and opportunities within these changes. Reporting to the project manager, following his/her recommendations where and when applicable. Coordinating with the project manager to overcome any emergencies.
  • Cross-Cutting Responsibilities. Work closely with different staff members working in different disciplines and from various work stations, such as MEAL, Communication, Advocacy, HR, Finance, Procurement, and Technology Development teams; that are working from different countries in the Middle East, Europe and others.
  • Carry out other relevant tasks assigned by the line manager (Project manager) that may not be explicitly mentioned in this job description.

Requirement, Skills, and Experience:

  • Fluent Arabic and English speaker;
  • Bachelor degree in International Development, Social studies, program/project management or any relevant area of study to support knowledge in program/project management;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with NGOs in human rights/humanitarian assistance/development projects with at least 2 years of experience close to project management.;
  • Desirable / Priority will be given to candidates with experience in managing civil society development, transitional justice with focus on victims’-led grassroots and organizations;
  • Strong writing skills and ability to write quality donor reports, updates and success stories;
  • Proven project coordinating experience, including budget, activity and data management;
  • Previous experience managing and/or implementing EU- funded projects;
  • Desirable / Priority will be given to candidates with prior experience in overseeing the implementation of subgranting interventions;
  • The ability to juggle multiple tasks, manage deadlines and keep a team on task is a valuable asset;
  • Excellent positive communication and interpersonal skills, and Teamwork skills;
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements;
  • Excellent time management, good organizational skills, and multitasking working skills;
  • Commitment to beneficiary accountability and humanitarian/human rights ethics.

How to apply:

  • The CV must include contact information (telephone number, Mail address), previous experiences with professional references, academic qualifications
  • The CV must be in PDF format with the full name of the applicant in the title.
  • Applications should be sent via email to: [email protected] with the name of the vacancy in the email subject.
  • Any applications received after the deadline will be rejected.
  • CVs will be reviewed after the deadline of submission, and only shortlisted will be called for interviews. We apologize for not sending replies to all.