Press Release on recent Developments in Dara’a – Violation Documentation Center in Syria July 2021

The city of Daraa, along with its different regions and neighborhoods, has been under a systematic and deliberate siege that could be the harshest since signing the settlement agreement in mid-2018. The Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC) issued a brief report regarding recent developments in the governorate, and urgently called all international organizations, especially the Office of the Special Envoy for Syria and the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to start immediate practical measures preventing a humanitarian disaster in the city of Dara’a, to apply all available measures compelling the Syrian government forces to break the siege of the city immediately, and to urgently interviene to allow the entry of foodstuffs, medical supplies and humanitarian relief. 

At the time of writing this statement, the Syrian government forces continue to launch large-scale attacks on a semi-daily basis, that are mostly indiscriminate and deliberate, against civilian objects and civilians in besieged neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad and other areas including Tafas, al-Yadoudeh, and al-Muzayrib, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries and terrorised civilians. That is in conjunction with the only health center in the city getting out of service. During recent days, several Syrian government weapons systems launched a series of attacks on the city using heavy and medium missiles. Civilians of the besieged city stated that these are the most violent attacks the city went through  since the settlement agreement was signed in mid-2018.

Since the Syrian government and its allies controlled Dara’a governorate under the settlement agreement in July 2018, there was an unprecedented displacement in Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods, which is the result of the indiscriminate shelling with missiles and projectiles on residential neighborhoods. Remaining families in Daraa al-Balad neighborhoods also suffer from continuous indiscriminate shelling, scarcity in water and basic foodstuffs and services, and a noticeable  absence of relief organizations and associations.