“Omar Al-Jibai”: Syrian theater is a stage for arrest

Syrian intellectuals, and theater and cinematographic actors have been subjected to arbitrary detention since the Syrian revolution began in March 2011. Today, the Syrian authorities add the name of the playwright Omar al-Jibai to their lists of detainees and forcibly absentees in their prisons, after security forces arrested him from the military theater in Damascus on Thursday 2/05/2013 after being summoned to the place of carrying out his compulsory service.

Omar al-Jibai, born in 1982, has been under compulsory service for more than a year and a half because his service, which is set to  (one and a half years) according to the Syrian law, has been extended, as is the case with many young Syrians. Omar graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus – Department of Dramatic Studies. He participated in several theatrical works such as “Suhrawardi”, “Ladders”, as well as a play based on the text of “Edward Bond” titled “Now Here” which Omar directed and prepared its dramaturgy. Omar was preparing for a new play.

According to the latest news, Omar was taken from military theater to the Damascus branch, we at the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression demand that the Syrian authorities immediately and unconditionally release the peace activist and theater actor Omar al-Jibai and that we hold them fully responsible for his physical and psychological integrity.