Multimedia journalism contest open [Worldwide]

Deadline: 28/10/11

The storytelling contest, organized by Italy’s Ahref Foundation and, centers around the theme: “Which are the next walls to fall?”

“Today there are still many ‘walls’ that should be knocked over to achieve a better life for individuals and communities as well. They can be actual and real walls, or even invisible, walls but nevertheless they are cumbersome,” organizers note.

Those walls can be identified and described through a number of online storytelling formats: video, audio, photos, drawings, comics or essays. Anyone with a videocamera, a cell phone or a computer is welcome to tell his/her own story. Video entries should be under three minutes; all entries should submitted in English or Italian.

The contest is part of the Falling Walls Conference, an annual global gathering of forward-thinking individuals and world’s leading scientists presenting their current research projects.

The winner will be invited to the 2011 conference in Berlin and will have the chance to further promote his/her work through a video or live blogging. Travel, accommodation and conference tickets will be provided.

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