Military court issued a sentence against the writer and the Syrian opposition politician Ali al-Abdullah

Issued today, located in 03/13/2011 Criminal Court, Second Military Damascus has been sentenced to three years in prison, Mr. Ali Al-Abdullah member of the Secretariat of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change, on charges of disturbing the Syria’s relations with a foreign country pursuant to Article (278) of the Syrian Penal Code and the court decided for reasons of discretion where the result is to reduce the sentence to become a prison for a year and a half with the calculation for his arrest on the custody case.
  The Syrian authorities continued to arrest a member of the secretariat of the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change writer and opposition politician Ali al-Abdullah, who finished his sentence the former on the question of the Damascus Declaration, was supposed to be released as of 06/17/2010, based on the control systems right in the place of his detention in prison Damascus Central Khalifa wrote an article a political deal between Syria and Iran, and the investigating judge decided the military on Thursday, 6/17/2010 arrested after demanding military prosecutor to move the case against him on charges of spreading false news which would affect the morale of the nation pursuant to Article (286) and disrupt the links Syria a foreign country pursuant to Article (278) of the Syrian Penal Code.
It should be noted that the writer and opposition politician Ali al-Abdullah:
• Baby Boomers – Deir al-Zour in 1950 a member of the Committees for the Revival of Civil Society in Syria, a former political prisoner, a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, Damascus University, worked as a journalist and writer in several Arab newspapers, such as: life, the ambassador, the Gulf.
* Elected as a member of the Secretariat of the National Council of the Damascus Declaration as of 01/12/2007
* Arrested at Damascus International Airport during his return from Tunisia in 1994 and was released after six months.
• arrested in May 2005 because of his in a forum for dialogue Hominidae National Democratic, and charged with publishing false news and spent five months in prison and was released under a presidential amnesty.
• activist was arrested with his son, Mohammed Ali Al-Abdullah for a period of seven months in March 2006 during their participation in a peaceful sit in front of the State Security Court, participants called for an end to the state of emergency in force since 1963
• arrested on 17.12.2007 from his home on the back of his participation in the meeting of the National Council of the Damascus Declaration was sentenced on 10/29/2008 in prison for two and a half.
  We are in the human rights organizations, the Syrian signatories Follow this statement at a time when we express our condemnation and our condemnation of this unjust sentence, which reflects clearly the approach taken by the Syrian authorities about the political activists and activists of conscience in Syria, we demand to drop all charges against the author and the Syrian dissident Ali Al-Abdullah and immediate release and the release of all prisoners of conscience languishing in Syrian jails.

Damascus 03.13.2011

Signatory Organizations:
1 – Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD).
2 – Human Rights Organization in Syria (MAF).
3 – Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (observer).
4 – Committees for the Defense of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria.