Memorialize the martyrs of Ariha

After the liberation of Ariha city during 2015 the Assad regime deployed warplanes committing three massacres in the city, located in the heart of the province of Idlib. 70 civilians were killed during these massacres, which targeted the city markets popular among the residents of over 30 neighboring villages of the administrative city. After these massacres the market went from being referred to as the “City Market” to the “Massacre Market.”

TDA team in Ariha partnered with the Local Council, the City’s Office of Documentation, and the “House of Cultural Wisdom” to hold an exhibition event to honor and memorialize the martyrs of these massacres.

The exhibition displayed the photos and names of the martyrs and highlighted the most prominent non-violent and civil society activists. The Local Council sponsored the event and it lasted a full week in the “House of Cultural Wisdom.”