SCM Media and Freedoms Unit (MFU)

Based on the fact that freedom of expression and belief is the foundation upon which democratic and free societies are built. The MFU seeks to achieve its goal of society where freedom of expression and belief are fully respected through:

  • Providing media workers and human rights defenders with a comprehensive supporting platform, which is capable of responding to their needs and enabling them of developing their abilities.
  • Combatting hate speech and incitement to violence.
  • Reviewing local legislations, laws, instructions and provide practical recommendations to bring them in line with international standards.
  • Supporting enabling approaches based on gender equality and participation, and managing differences and diversity.


  • Continual changes in the situation in the areas we work and in the policies related to Syria regionally and internationally.
  • Lack of clear and continuous support mechanisms in the fields of media and human rights.
  • Scarcity of resources of support and the lack of their diversity.
  • Weakness of media expertise inside Syria, and lack of prioritization of media development owing to the security situation.
  • Poor coordination in general regarding the development of work in the fields of media and human rights and between organizations in these fields.