Human Rights Dictionary

Whether you are an expert in the field of human rights or merely interested, one can get lost in the world of terms, acronyms and names of organizations. New terms come out and some words are used instead of others. Some manage to understand acronyms, others get lost. Organizations are known with their names in English without any translation.

For these reasons we believed that it would beneficial to take the initiative to publish a dictionary of human rights terms. It includes the most used terms in this field and others that are relevant to our work; a variety or legal, developmental, organizations, treaties and covenants. We hope that this publication would make it easier for researchers, journalists and others interested to get to know the different terms and their translations.

We have made sure to include some of the acronyms commonly used, such as the ILO which is short for the International Labour Organization or CEDAW which is short for the Convention/ Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women.

We were keen to make this dictionary useful in both Arabic and English with the ability to look up terms in either language.

Finally, we have published this simplified dictionary totally aware of what it lacks but it is an effort to assist and facilitate work on human right, particularly for translators and journalists. We hope that this dictionary would be a seed for others to grow and develop further enriching this field of work integrating it into our Arab culture contributing toward achieving justice, rule of law and respect for human rights.

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