Layal Najib

Medical sources said that the Lebanese press photographer working freelance photographer Layal Najib called for, 23, was killed yesterday in an Israeli air raid in the area of Tyre in southern Lebanon. Which is the first journalist to die in action since the start of the Israeli attack on Lebanon in the twelfth month.
The taxi driver said that she was traveling photojournalist at her death the latter was killed instantly after being struck by shrapnel from a rocket that landed near the car between the towns of Qana and friends in the south east of Tyre.
Working Layal Najib with the magazine «Bell» Lebanese non-political as they were also working as a freelance photographer with many of the media. The taxi driver Hussein worship: «We started together before Alzarmen Beirut and headed south where she was taking pictures of areas devastated by Israeli bombing». He added: »We were on the road between Qana and friends when a rocket landed near the car». He said: «did not say a word She was killed instantly after being struck by shrapnel from the rocket Vshptha of the car and extended on the ground under a tree adjacent to the car came to the Red Cross took her to a hospital in photos».
The young photographer carrying camera developed in addition to the personal identity card and press on behalf of the magazine «Bell» when she was killed as correspondent for Agence France-Presse, who visited the hospital, which quoted him in pictures. The technician working for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) was killed last Friday in the bombing targeted a television transmission stations in the area in the Kesrwan north of Beirut.