Lawyer and Human Rights Defender Faiq Hweigah is Arrested

SCM – 25 June 2013 – Monday  evening 24th June 2013, the Syrian authorities arrested a Syrian lawyer and human rights defender Faiq Hweigah-1960- at Jdaidat Yabous, the Lebanese-Syrian border point, when he returned from a business trip.

Hweigah was arrested under the pretext that he is wanted by District Security Department, but the question is how did he leave the country just three days before, if he is wanted?. His last words were at phone to his family at six pm were he told them that his passport was confiscated.    

Faiq Hweigah, a father to two young men, is a Syrian lawyer and human rights defender and he was one of the lawyers who volunteered in the committee to defend the members of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression when they were tried before the military court in Damascus for “possession of prohibited documents in order to publish to overthrow the regime” and he is one of the founders of the Syrian Centre for Citizenship in 2013.

We, SCM call upon the Syrian authorities to release the lawyer Faiq Hweigah immediately and unconditionally, and we hold them fully responsible for his health safety.

Hweigah arrest is a new indication of the Syrian government insistence on suppressing all peaceful voices that call for change and the state of law and citizenship in Syria.