Job Opportunity “Finance Manager” at Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression

Finance Management is the basis of all key decisions affecting the stability and continuance of Organization’s work.

The Finance Manager will play a key role in providing financial guidance and support to all departments, programs and colleagues ensuring the organization make the right financial decisions.

The candidates for this post should have; a very good experience in handling the modeling and complex analyzes, as well as a prefect understanding of the financial systems and procedures in order for the organization’s financial practices to be in line with all legislation and regulations.

The Finance Manager will be reporting to the Executive Director, and should lead and develop the internal team to support the following areas: Finance, Business Planning and Budget, Human Resources, Management and Information Technology.

Location: Berlin (GER) or Paris (FRA)

Contract Type: Consultant

Starting date: Immediately


  1. Developing the financial strategy in cooperation with the Executive Board.
  2. Developing the center’s reserve strategy.
  3. Responsible for financial policies and the financial officers of different projects in several countries
  4. Experience of working in a multi-country reporting environment
  5. Responsible for the “end of project reports”, the evaluation, and suggestions to be sent to management systematically.
  6. Coordinate and lead the annual audit process, and coordinate with external auditors.
  7. Responsible for formulating an anti-corruption policy strategy. In cooperation with the Executive Board.
  8. Submit risk assessment reports.
  9. Coordination with sector’s managers.
  10. Develop a policy for the financial cooperation and partnerships.
  11. Formulation of strategic and long-term action plans.
  12. Develop financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risks.
  13. Conduct reviews and assessments of cost-cutting opportunities.
  14. Develop external relations with: auditors, lawyers, bankers and legal organizations.
  15. Analyze and submit financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; monthly and annual financial statements. Collection of financial reporting materials for all donor sectors, supervision of all financial accounts and projects / programs and grants.
  16. Keep the Board informed of the financial position of the Organization.
  17. Effective communication and presentation of critical financial matters to the Board.
  18. Implementing a strong financial management system; ensuring compliance with the billing schedule.
  19. Update and implement all necessary financing policies and accounting practices, and drafting the financial policy booklet for the Center.
  20. Work closely and transparently with all partners


  • Ability to build good relationships with team and partners.
  • Strong ability to be able to manage and priorities multiple tasks and to work under presser.
  • Diplomacy in dealing with all partners and colleagues.
  • Professional in drafting reports, executing projects and networking.
  • Degree in Finance, Accounting or any equivalent.
  • Professional work on accounting programs; preferably good knowledge of Quickbooks
  • Professional in office software work.
  • Work experience of not less than 5 years, preferably with non-governmental organizations.
  • Flexibility to adapt to situation variables, particularly in the areas of project implementation and its impact on project personnel.
  • Positive and able to find alternative solutions when needed.
  • Commitment to Organization’s confidentiality
  • Desire to learn and develop tools
  • Fluent in English and Arabic, knowledge of any other language is an asset.

All applications must be submitted before September 1st, 2017. Midnight CET.

For those interested. Please send CV to: [email protected]