Job Opportunity: Finance and Admin Assistant – SCM

Job position: Finance and Admin Assistant

Department: Finance

Line manager: Finance & HR Manager

Location: Paris or Berlin

Deadline: 3rd of July 2018


Manages all correspondence within and outside the organization.

Records all incoming and out-going letters and documents.

-Conveys all the required instructions and policies of the organization to the staff and the views of the regional staff to the leading body.

-Monitors administrative aspects of the regional office/staff and evaluates discipline and punctuality of the staff to the assigned tasks.

-Ensure the maintenance of attendance register in office and also confirm staff attendance level in the field.

-Responsible to supervise the work, related to purchase of furniture, office equipment, computers, vehicles/motorbikes/bicycles, air conditioner and miscellaneous.

-Looks after administrative affairs of the Office.

-Keep and maintain all the accounts records in soft as well as in hard form.

-Responsible to deal all the accounts of the organization and settles all matter of banks.

-Responsible to maintain ledger books for regional office and main office.

-Make sure verification of all the accounts record before auditory process.

-Make sure all the records / accounts / financial transactions are booked before the audit commencement.

-Ensure cordial relation with the line department and the audit department of the donor agency.

Skills and experience:

-High level certificate of accounting and finance

-Experience using accounting software

-Microsoft Office Skills

– High level certificate of accounting and finance

-English and Arabic are required .


CVs to be sent to: [email protected]