In Nuremberg this Wednesday 20th: Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad

Documentary by Sara Afshar, 2017

The photographs which this year’s Nuremberg International Human Rights Award winner, who adopted the code name “Caesar”, smuggled out of Syria are deeply shocking. They show thousands of victims of the terror regime which Caesar painstakingly recorded as a forensic military photographer commissioned by the government. The photographs reminded British documentary film maker, Sara Afshar, of the images from National Socialist concentration camps which were first presented to the public during the Nuremberg Trial.

Sara Afshar would not accept that the photographs of the emaciated, tortured and worn out bodies have found so little attention. Together with survivors of the torture prisons, with victims’ surviving family members, with lawyers and investigators of human rights organisations, in her film “Syria’s Disappeared – The Case against Assad”, she collates harrowing proof. In only fifty minutes, she weaves a large number of witness statements, documents and photographs into a powerful argument against apathy. Sara Afshar’s film was shown in the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and broadcast on TV in several countries, including Australia, England and Denmark.

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials will screen this film in cooperation with the City of Nuremberg Human Rights Office as part of the programme accompanying the presentation of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award. After the screening, there will be a panel discussion with director, Sara Afshar, in Court Room 600.

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