French Journalist Killed, Several Wounded

It was with profound sadness that we received news of the death of the French journalist, Gilles Jacquier, who was killed in Akrama neighborhood (Homs) on Wednesday 11/1/2012 while covering a pro-regime demonstration for France2 TV channel. Eight Syrian civilians were killed as well at the scene.

According to several reports, the Belgian journalist, Jens Franssen, who works for Belgian state broadcaster VRT, was injured as well as the Dutch freelance photographer Steven Wassenaar and a number of wounded journalists.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression sends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the French journalist and to his colleagues Frances 2 channel for their loss.

Born in 1968, Jacquier joined the media field in 1989. He reported on the conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria and South Africa over the past twenty years. Before that, he was a witness of the conflicts in Zaire, Ivory Coast, Haiti and Iraq.

As for his reporting in Homs, Jacquier was among 15 journalists and photojournalists of a media delegation assigned on a mission with the consent of Syrian authorities. Jacquier was in the process of preparing reportage for ‘Special Envoy’ program which has been airing for years on France2.

The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression calls upon the Syrian authority to take its utmost responsibilities in ensuring the safety and security of journalists and citizens in Syria, and demands opening an immediate investigation of the death of the journalist. It is The Syrian authorities’ responsibility to protect the journalists while carrying out their duties to cover events at times of conflict, as stated in the international conventions signed by the Syrian state.

Jacquier is the fifth media worker to be killed in Syria, and the first foreign one.

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