Finding or locating the phone in case of loss or erasing data of the lost device

Finding or locating the phone in case of loss or erasing data of the lost device


What are the procedures that can be followed in case of loss of the phone (loss, theft, or confiscation of the device)? Whether to find or locate the device or to erase data and files of the device in the case of difficulty to retrieve.

There are external programs runing on Android and IOS devices that help locate and erase the device data. These programs must be trustworthy because they will have full control of the device. It is important to note that “Android” and “IOS” already contain a  feature allowing to find the device.

Android and IOS phones and tablets have security features including:

  • Locate the device – by making a sound from the device to hear if the device is nearby
  • Device lock – Allows to lock the device when lost. You can also set a new passcode if you haven’t already set up a screen lock
  • Show a message on the device screen – you can write a message and put a phone number to contact you in case the device is missing and someone has found it
  • Clear data of the device – if it can’t be found.
  • Find your device’s serial number – This helps to locate the device with the help of the police or your carrier


The mechanisms for finding a device or the options for dealing with a lost device vary between Android and IOS. You may need to have activated some features to find the device.

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It is very important to activate the two-factor authentication feature on the Google account and the Apple ID account to increase the security of the account. Accessing the account enables you to find, lock, and erase data of your device.

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