Documentation paper issued by Justice for Life about IDPs camps in Deir-ez-Zor

This paper highlights the humanitarian situation of the displaced in the random camps near Tayyana village in Thibandistrict on the north of the Euphrates river east of Deir-ez-Zor, where SDF (Syrian democratic forces) control the village.

All photos in the paper were taken between 30 January and 21 February 2018.

-there is a significant displacement movement towards Tayyana village from areas controlled by GOS (government of Syrian) south of Euphrates river and civilians displaced from areas which still witness battles between SDF and ISIS south of Euphrates river.

Photos of displaced camps near Tayyana village

-IDPs set up the tents randomly in the agricultural lands along AL Badia in Tayyana village where tents distributed on the borders between Tayyana village and Darnaj town to the border of Thiban in addition to random camps around the archaeological Tel Al-Masayeh area in Tayyana village, some of displaced camps, which considered one of the largest displaced communities in Deir-ez-Zor,  Distributed on the area along Thiban town on what is called(Governmental property)which they are lands of Tayyana village on the south of Main Street.

-Some displaced built tents from blankets and wood because it is difficult to obtain tents.

A photo of IDPs camps near Tayyana village

-Leishmaniasis spreads among the displaced because of the garbage and animal dung near the camps.

-The number of displaced in these camps is between 15,000 and 20,000 from Hajin and Shafa towns and Baguz and t Bahra villages where there are battles between SDF and ISIS, other displaced from cities, towns and villages controlled by GOS south of the Euphrates River to Tayyana village about 4 months ago.

-Civilians in the camps scattered along the town of Thiban put a night guardianship where the dominant forces do not provide any protection nor intervene to solve the problems that arise within the camps because their priorities are the military operations.

-people Tayyana village and neighboring villages provided some tents and agricultural land for the displaced to set up camps.