Clarification on the Syria Orchid Statement



Social media and some media platforms circulated a statement issued by the Orchid Syria organization. An organization that works in orphan care in Syria,  and the statement calls for authorizing the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression SCM through our colleague director of the litigation program, Al-Mu’tasim Al-Kilani, to follow up on an issue raised by Orchid through its social media and members of Its management team. The issue is regarding its management team concerns on child trafficking charges against other humanitarian organizations, in cooperation with local authorities.


The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression expresses its strong dissatisfaction with the spread of its name in this way without any engagement with the center  and with the absence of response to inquiries sent by the center’s team to the declared contacts of the Orchid organization. Furthermore, the center declares that it did not receive any authorization, certificates, evidence, nor information about this topic whether from Orchid or any other party.


The Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM ) insists that it takes the highest levels of seriousness and professionalism any complaint or testimony submitted to the center and is always keen on conducting ethical and professional methods that respect the methodologies for gathering evidence and information as well as the security of witnesses and victims under internationally accepted legal standards in this regard. SCM also confirms that any deliberation on social media or the media on any issue related to its work should take place only through its official channels or exclusively through the official media platforms of the center.