Blocking Social Sites in Syria; Freedom House Releases New Report

This week brings new restrictions in Syria and Pakistan, while watchdog group Freedom House releases a new brief on the growing challenges to Internet freedom.

Syria Blocks WordPress

This has been a tumultuous year for Syrians and for the Syrian Internet. In response to protests beginning in February, the Syrian government unblocked Facebook, Blogspot, and YouTube for the first time since 2007. While some observers saw it as a move toward a freer Internet, others viewed it as better enabling surveillance; the latter turned out to be right.

Now, amidst a new wave of protests, the Syrian government has reverted to their old methods, blocking WordPress on at least one ISP. But as one circumvention-savvy Syrian Twitter user said, “They blocked WordPress… as if people are still using the Syrian proxy.” If you want to help support Syrian Internet users, one thing you can do is set up a Tor relay.