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Deadline for applications: Saturday, July 15, 2017

Contract: Consultancy

Working area Location: Shatila

Project Description:

The workshop will be conducted to evaluate the Curriculum, methodologies and approaches of Peace Education Program that aims to enable the participants to take actions regarding transforming their present human condition by challenging existing social prejudices, ameliorating psycho-social wellbeing and rejecting violence on different levels (cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial) in an active and effective ways.

Explanation of the approach

The approach of the program will be divided into three main categories that will consist of the following primary methodologies including:

  • playback theatre
  • Expressive arts where artistic techniques are one of the powerful tools that are used to deal with social problems and conflicts.
  • Communal initiatives’ development

Our approach is based on focusing on the traumatic experiences of the participants by working with them on expressing themselves, their ability to explore their internal pain, and trying to understand and accept it, and move forward. This strategy will take place through collaborative group work.

The approach will also focus on building the social networks in the community by developing better mode of communication. This approach consists of a series of sessions that starts by the relation to the self, others and community using a variety of artistic techniques as a tool for nonverbal expression of traumas. During the program we work on many levels of skills that help the participants to adapt to their new lifestyles such as cognitive, emotional, behavioral skills.

The second intervention the team will work on with the participants are the communal initiatives wherein participants contribute to the community, based on the lessons learned throughout the  course of the program. The initiatives part of the project will target those between the age of 11 and 17; this is because the initiatives require a greater level of maturity, and might cause additional pressures on younger children, who will be focusing instead on play activities and expressive art.

Desired Qualifications:

Certified psychologist or MHPSS specialist and researcher with experience conducting qualitative and quantitative assessments, especially:

–       High proficiency in designing PSS programs

–       Experience with making an assessment design

–       High proficiency in writing evaluation reports in English.

–       Good written and verbal communication skills.

–       Good experience in Art therapy approaches.

Roles and Responsibilities:

–       conduct an evaluation workshop for the team.

–       Design tools of measurement for the activities

–       Analyze the workshop results data

–       Draft a professional report based on the analyzed data with list of recommendations for areas to improve.

Experience required: 2 to 3 years

Education degree: Bachelor Degree Field of education:

Arabic: Fluent English: Fluent French:
Period: One Month
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