arrested the photographer and Film producer

The immigration authorities at Damascus International Airport at four oclock this afternoon 8/12/2011 arrested the photographer and Film producer
Guevara Namer while she was traveling to the United Arab Emirates to attend the Film Festival of Dubai where she was among a group of Syrian artists and journalists who have been invited to attend the festival and when they asked about the reasons for her arrest we knew from sources close to the center of which was based on a telegram issued by the Division Security of the political without being able to find out the reasons.
Guevara was arrested on 13/7/2011 during their participation intellectuals demonstration in the Almedan and was released on bail to try loose in front of a Magistrate’s Court on charges of Damascus as unauthorized demonstration and incite and provoke unrest according to rule 335-336 of the Syrian Penal Code.
Guevara was born at 1984 graduate of the Institute of Photography in Damascus and fourth-year student at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art Studies Department
she was one of the Syrian Kurdish citizens deprived of their citizenship and got her passport since a short time.
Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression expresses its strong condemnation of the arrest of photographer and film producer Guevara and demanded her release and strongly condemns the way and the place where they arrested her – as if it were an ambush focus of the Syrian citizen when she goes to the border ports – with the knowledge that Guevara wasnt hidden and has not been summoned or notified Arrest Warrant note that the place of residence and place of work quite well known in the courts as it is still under trial and been released on bail.