Ali Hassan al-Jaber

Martyred colleague, Ali Hassan al-Jaber, head of photography in the Al-Jazeera in an ambush he suffered in the team channel Hawari southwestern city of Benghazi, were wounded, Al-Jazeera correspondent Nasser al-Hadar were wounded in the heavy shooting on them.

Al-Jazeera correspondent was born in Benghazi Beppe Amhadi he was next to the martyr, pointing out that Jaber was hit by three bullets killed him, where the failed efforts of his ministry.
In turn, the Director-General of the Al-Jazeera network, Waddah Khanfar The island will not tolerate this crime and will hunt down the perpetrators legally and criminally responsible.
He also said that fellow-Jaber Al-Ali was assassinated as a result of an unprecedented campaign of incitement by the Libyan regime on the island and its staff.
Khanfar said that the colleague is killed doing his job, stressing that the island would not retreat from its mission, whatever it costs the price.
The Khanfar condolences to the family of the martyr Jaber Al-Ali and his colleagues and to all viewers of the island.
It is noteworthy that Al Jaber Ali, a Qatari citizen who was born in 1955, and holds a BA and MA in Cinematography at the Arts Academy in Cairo.
Served as Director of the Office of the CNBC Arabian Doha, and supervisor of the National Olympic Committee from 2002 to 2005. The head of the photography department at the Qatar television for more than twenty years.
Has been accomplished photographer martyr during his career, several documentary films, including a film about Qatar and Kuwait, entitled "The plight of the afflicted." Also known for his dedication colleague Ali Jaber in his work and cooperation. God bless the deceased island.