A coalition of medical, humanitarian and civil organizations  launch Doctors in Danger Campaign

A coalition of medical, humanitarian and civil organizations have joined forces with the medical NGO, UOSSM, to denounce the targeting of hospitals and medical staff in Syria. Since the beginning of the conflict, the medical situation continues to deteriorate and has reached a new low with the destruction of 70% of the medical infrastructure.

In 2016, 1000 direct and indirect air attacks targeted hospitals. Some were targeted up to 25 times with an  average of three attacks per hospital. It is urgent today to protect hospitals and healthcare workers against air strikes.

The aim of the campaign Doctors in Danger is to seek the effective protection of medical personnel from air strikes, bombing and targeting, and to draw attention to the suffering of doctors in Syria, where more than 373 attacks were documented on medical facilities and the deaths of more than 700 medical personnel.

Since 2011, as much information as possible has been gathered with the cooperation of various organizations and organizations with the single goal of stopping attacks on medical facilities and sharing these data with you in honor of their humanitarian sacrifices.