Ethical visual storytelling has a key role in addressing the issues. In Syria and despite the lack of inept and detailed techniques of taking images that speak to the audience, the photos changed the world view to what’s happened.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, of the at least 101 journalists who have been killed in Syria since 2011, 88% were local and 27% were classified as photographers. Many others have been intimidated, abducted, maimed or forced into exile. According to the Time newspaper,

Syrian photojournalists risked their lives, sometimes they were witnesses, or part of the event, some of them were the event. The list of victims who lost their lives in Syria since 2011 is long, both Syrians and foreigners. Or survival, but at a great cost.

Between the great cost and distinction there are many questions that the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression is trying to discuss, in a webinar on Monday 2 May 2022, -On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which falls on the 3ed May- with the guests via Zoom platform for 2 hours.


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