Volunteering | Research, Organization, Networking, Translation and Reporting

Victims Associations Program 

Research, Organization, Networking, Translation and Reporting


Application period: 1-15 September 2019

Volunteering period: 4-6 months

Number of volunteers: 5-7 persons


Abilities specific to the announcement:

  • The ability to research online open sources and other available resources
  • The ability to summarize, organize and archive information according to directions of the program manager
  • The ability to participate in writing study reports
  • Fluent in at least two languages (Arabic or English must be one of these two languages)
  • The ability to translate texts between 2 languages (Arabic or English is one of these two languages)
  • Ability to send emails in an appropriate manner as directed by the program manager
  • Creativity and innovation in proposing solutions, and to follow-up and manage their implementation


General abilities

  • To maintain a safe work environment by following the SCM’s regulations and procedures
  • Maintain and protect the confidentiality and privacy of information and persons
  • The ability to attend regular meetings with the program manager
  • Commitment to the principles and values of volunteering and SCM
  • The ability to dedicate a minimum of 3-4 hours\week to the program
  • Owning a laptop\PC is a requirement
  • General knowledge of the conditions of human rights in Syrian context


Who will you be dealing with?

  • The administration of the Victims Associations Program
  • Other departments of SCM
  • Other organizations and associations outside of SCM



  • Preference to persons holding a degree or students in the fields of human rights, social science, political science, international relations or/and translation



Please send CV in a pdf file holding your name to [email protected] under the subject (Volunteer -Victims Associations Program). CV must include contact information (Telephone and Email), previous working experience, academic experience and contact information of recommendations

Your application might be discussed even after the deadline (This will happen only if the vacancy was still not filled)

Interviews period: Interviews will be conducted during September and October if your application was accepted