Syrian Women towards Justice

Women’s support unit

Within the framework of unit’s strategy and aiming to involve women in the strategic litigation process against war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria, the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of expression and in partnership with survivors’ associations held its first workshop in Sanilurfa, Turkey on January 15 and 16, 2020 under the title Syrian Women towards Justice.

During the workshop litigation process in general and carried out by the center in several European countries in particular and types of jurisdiction that the litigation program relies on to prosecute war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Syria were presented. In addition to that stages through which judicial files are built, investigation, and legal documentation procedure of violations, especially those against women, were clarified. Following that psychological and social support sessions were held for both survivors and trainers, in addition to a presentation of ways of psychological and social support, and dealing with stress and psychological pressure and ways of treatment.