Adjourn the hearing of the SCM detainees

Today, the Terrorism Court judge decided to adjourn the hearing of the SCM detainees without further notice.

Mentioning that the decision to assign Mr.MazenDarwish, Hani Az-zeitani, Hussein Ghrair, MHD Mansour Alomari and Abdurahman Hamadah to Terrorism Court, was issued by the first investigating magistrate including Mhd Mansour Alomari and Abdurahman Hamadah were allowed to be free while awaiting trial.

The SCM staff members were assigned to Terrorism Criminal Court according to the articles 7 and 8 of terrorism law issued by the Syrian authorities on June 28th 2012 after a whole year of arbitrary detention.

We, SCM strongly condemns the charges of terroristic acts against our staff in the SCM taken into consideration that SCM never published but studies and reports concerning media audit and journalists situation in Syria, and committed to professionalism and objectivity.

The Syrian authorities, which accused the SCM director and its staff of terroristic acts, have asked Mr. MazenDarwish to participate in forming the new media law, as the director of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression.

This law was adopted in the Syrian parliament at the very time of the raid on the SCM office and arresting all its staff and visitors by the Air force Intelligence on Feb 16th 2012.