Special Report: “Women journalists in Syria: Realities and Challenges”

The Syrian Journalists Association issued a special report titled “Women journalists in Syria: Realities and Challenges” that monitors gender based media activities in Syria at various levels; numbers, conditions, violations, work environment, and obstacles.

According to the Syrian Center for journalistic Freedoms, the report documented 22 violations against women journalists in Syria since the start of the Syrian revolution in March 2011; 4 female journalists killed, 12 arrested or kidnapped, and 6 subjected to a variety of other violations such as beating, assault, and intimidation threats.

The report includes a statement by the Chairperson of SJA committee on journalistic freedoms, “Suad Khbeih ” who revealed the hurdles put historically in the path of Syrian women journalist, thus their stand with the call for change in March 2011.

The report reveals the reality of women work in governmental media circles in Syria before and after March 2011, exposing that it didn’t and doesn’t depart from the general state of affairs; all means and tools are used by the government to preserve a despotic regime through popular acceptance of the status quo.

The report draws attention to the variety of roles that women journalists and media activists held since the beginning of the revolution in Syria. Women stood side by side with men in peaceful demonstrations, and actively participated in the coverage of events with local and foreign media. They act today as photographers, editors, media commentators, and hold managerial positions in media institutions and organizations.

The report reviews the role played by women journalists in “self-management” regions controlled by the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) in northern Syria. As well monitors more than 75 violations perpetrated by PYD in these regions.

As to areas under ISIS control, it is extremely dangerous for a woman to even think about working in the media sector; it would cost her life. Fact that resulted in massive migration and flight of media activists from areas under ISIS.

Furthermore, the report draws attention to the successes of women Syrian journalists and media activists These accomplishments resulted in many international organizations granting awards honouring the role played by women on the Syrian media landscape.

You can check the full report in PDF format from here