Who we are?

Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression A non-profit, non-governmental independent civil society institution that works to achieve justice, to defend human rights, to promote media and freedoms, to boost the role of civil society and active citizenship, and to build effective governance and policies.


The word is a right, to defend it is a duty


A democratic world based on justice, freedom and equality that respects human dignity and human rights.


We base our work on credibility, integrity and added value for a world that respects human rights and dignity. Our tools are professionalism, independence and transparency. We believe that partnership and cooperation are the best ways to achieve goals and that diversity is a value and an end in itself on all levels.


We carry out our activities in the fields of justice and human rights, media and freedoms, civil society and active citizenship, and governance and policies.

Justice and Human Rights ↓

Ensuring the respect of human rights, fighting impunity, and enabling victims to reach justice through:

  • Establish a culture of accountability and justice, and raise awareness of their importance;
  • Litigate strategically for accountability of grave violations committed in Syria by all parties of the conflict;
  • Investigate, document, classify and preserve evidence of human rights violations in order to employ them in accountability efforts and to interact with international mechanisms;
  • Fight all forms of discrimination and persecution against vulnerable and marginalized persons.
  • Support legal reform and the production of laws, policies and legislative frameworks to ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms for all;
  • Ensure a transitional justice process in Syria that is consistent with international standards and ensures representation, participation and leadership of victims, women, marginalized groups and the Syrian people;
  • Build partnerships and cooperation in human rights and justice; and
  • Enable and train individuals and institutions working in the justice and human rights sectors.
Media and Freedoms ↓

We strive towards free and democratic societies built on the freedoms of expression and belief through:

  • Review local legislation, laws and regulations and submit evidence-based proposals to bring them in line with international standards;

  • Disseminate new cultural values within society such as the elimination of discrimination, environmental consciousness, patient rights, housing rights, minority rights, the right to development, and personal freedoms;

  • Revive the positive aspects of cultural heritage and emphasize the bright face of religions within an ethical system based on persuasion and dialogue rather than on violence and terrorism, as well as supporting interfaith dialogue;

  • Provide a comprehensive support platform for media professionals and freedoms defenders that is able to respond to their needs and enable them to develop their capabilities;

  • Empower and train media and human rights workers;

  • Promote, support and disseminate a culture of the freedom of expression and belief, diversity and tolerance;

  • Fight hate speech and incitement to violence;

  • Coordinate and cooperate with organizations and actors active in the fields of media and freedoms;

  • Provide advisory support to organizations would in the fields of media and freedoms; and

  • Further gender equality and participation, and better governance of diversity.

Governance and Policies ↓

We aim to establish good governance and sustainable development through:

  • Contribute to the development and governance of public policies;

  • Participate in the forming of effective and sustainable global policy frameworks;

  • Networking and partnership building;

  • Provide support to institutional governance structures;

  • Enable and support the governance of civil society activities and institutions; and

  • Produce knowledge through research, studies and reports.

Civil Society and Citizenship ↓
  • Enable and train civil society activists, build partnerships across civil society;
  • Support, disseminate and enable principles and concepts of active citizenship;
  • Develop and reproduce cultural heritage to create a knowledge base and apply it to enhance the presence of peaceful practices of freedom of expression, justice and equality among all;
  • Build societal peace and diversity especially in conflict-afflicted countries;
  • Disseminate new cultural values within societies based on international human rights law; and
  • Discriminate in international relations between the level of interests governing the work of governments and common human interests that bring people together to reach a concept of “global citizenship”.

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